sensor-based sorting systems

Using OptoSort sensor-based sorting systems means better and more eco-friendly utilisation of deposits,and increased productivity coupled with outstanding product quality
    The colour sorting technology of OptoSort consists of high resolution line scan camera and allows sorting according to colour,shape,size and texture.

    OptoSort machines are available as :

  • Colour Sorter

  • Hyperspectral Imaging Sorter

  • Hyperspectral & Colour Combination Sorter

  • OptoSort system seprate and sort :

  • Industrial minerals such as lime rock, talc, calcite, rock salt, quartz, feldspar, silica, magnesite

  • Metal ores such as copper, nickel, lead, zinc, wolfram, uranium

  • Precious metals such as gold and platinum ores

  • Combustible materails such as coal

  • Slags from stainless steel,copper and ferrochromium

  • Secondary materials and others